Information Society

Hurragjengen Information Society(gjengen med 'What's On Your Mind' låta) fra det glade 80-tallet har funnet frem krepptangen og paljettene igjen og serverer et nytt album via A Different Drum labelen 10. september.
Her er litt info:

Information Society are one of the most legendary US Electro-acts. Since the 80's, Information Society has been a pioneering band in the synthpop scene (with a first ep release in 1983), as well as securing a place in the hearts of freestyle fans who grabbed onto the huge radio and club hits like "What's on your mind (Pure Energy)" or "Running". They have released memorable albums on Reprise, Tommy Boy, Cleopatra and Accession Records.
After many years of silence, the band is back with Paul Robb at the production helm, creating fun, ultra-catchy electronic pop tunes with wonderful vocals from singer Christopher Anton. "Synthesizer" recalls the exciting sounds that made the band famous, and pushes itself toward a new generation of club-goers. This first edition, released by the band in cooperation with A Different Drum, is strictly limited to 1000 copies, for the true fans and collectors! A different ‘regular’ version will be released by Dancing Ferret in October.

<em>Nikko</em> sitt bilete


Hadde alltid et noe ambivalent forhold til Information Society. Har fortsatt "Hack"-Cd'en, som jeg synes er et oppkomme av vakling mellom synthpop og EBM/industrial dance.
Denne utgivelsen skal jeg definitivt sikre meg, om enn bare for "gamle dagers" skyld. :-)
Even a stopped clock shows the right time twice a day.

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