He's back...

For alle techno-EBM-tilhengere, så kom denne gledelige mailen inn i dag:

"He's back - the ever prolific Andy LaPlegua returns with another sledgehammer release that turns up the heat on alternative dancefloors the world over ! New CombiChrist 10 track Maxi "Let Your Body Beat" delivers CC's trademark EBM intensity across tracks that include remixes from KMFDM, Amduscia, Spetsnaz and more..

Andy LaPlegua is back ... with a song that hits like a battle cry ! Combichrist is a name that is firmly synonymous with titanium-strength beats, provocative themes and hook lines that grind into the subconscious - "Get Your Body Beat" bangs out of the speakers like a well-oiled industrial machine : straightforward and merciless. It is seldom that a fusion of EBM, Techno and a hint of Industrial unloads as such a concentrated burst of energy. A catchy chorus that feels like it came straight out of the high times of late Eighties EBM is fused with a modern beat inferno. With three additional floor breakers in the typical Combichrist tradition and the title track in seven versions ( among them remixes by Amduscia, Spetsnaz and KMFDM ), "Get Your Body Beat" delivers high calibre dancefloor power that will not leave a single muscle unmoved...

01. Get Your Body Beat (Album Version)
02. Products (Life Composer Version)
03. What The Fcuk (Exclusive Track)
04. Get Your Body Beat (Käpt`n K Mix by Sascha Konietzko KMFDM)
05. Get Your Body Beat (Rotten Blood Remix by Amduscia)
06. Get Your Body Beat (Remix by Spetsnaz)
07. Get Your Body Beat (Shooting Up Remix by Point 45)
08. Get Your Body Beat (Tortured Remix by Manufactura)
09. Get Your Body Beat (Sergio Mesa)
10. DNA AM (Exclusive Track)"


Og apropos Ole Anders-haren...
Hva med Panzer AGs siste skive, "Your World Is Burning"? Hadde jeg vært tilhenger av Marilyn Manson, ville jeg sagt at dette utvilsomt var deres beste skive! Men etter 2-3 ukers nærmere lytting, er det et par klassikere der likevel. Paper Angels, Tip The Dancer, When I Am You og den Seigmen-industrielle Mørketid er absolutte "höydare".

For den som er interessert, vel å merke...


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Aaaaaayeah! Faenmeg bra

Aaaaaayeah! Faenmeg bra nyheter.... Combichrist ligger flere divisjoner over absolutt alt annet for tida.

I am Lucy Liu! Give me your spines!

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