New CD´s at Braincorp. February/March 2007

Combichrist – Sex Drogen & Industrial, MCD
Distorted Memory-Burning Heaven
FGFC820 - Urban Audio Warfare
Frontline Assembly – Hard Wired (Budget Price)
Haujobb - Freeze Frame Reality (Budget Price)
Haujobb - Solutions For A Small Planet (Budget Price)
Hocico - Signos De Aberracion
Implant - Audioblender
Mentallo & The Fixer - Enlightenment Through A Chemical Catalyst
Portion Control – Filthy White Guy
Skinny Puppy – Mythmaker
Various Artists-A Compilation (a 2CD for a maxi price from the Black Rain label)
Out soon! new CD´s from: Combichrist, Reaper, Northborne, Grendel, Funker Vogt, Wumpscut, Leæther Strip, Necro Facility, Zombie Girl e.c.t

Synth/Future Pop:
Client-Lights Go Out, MCD
Fake The Envy-Blind
Les Anges De La Nuit – Under Gods Name
Sero Overdose – Heading For Tomorrow
Technoir - Deliberately Fragile
Various Artists-Elektrisch 2 (limited 2CD)
Welle:Erdball – Chaos Total, limited CD & DVD
Out soon! new CD´s from: VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Melotron, Mind:State e.c.t

Goth/Dark Wave:
The Crüxshadows – Dreamcypher
Out soon! new CD´s from Diorama

Batcave/Death Rock:
Frank The Baptist - Beggars Would Ride
Tragic Black - The Decadent Requiem
Various Artists – New Dark Age vol. 4 (2CD)
Back In Stock:
All Gone Dead - Fallen & Forgotten
Soon to come a brand new album from Frank The Baptist

IDM/Power Noise:
Abo Ovo-Mouvements
Architect-Lower Lip Interface
Autoclav 1.1 – Visitor Attractions
Black Lung – The Coming Dark Age (American version with 5 extra tracks)
Exclipsect – Point Of Focus
Terminal 11-Fractured Sunshine
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Shipping to Norway is around 2 Euro´s for 3 CD´s without jewelcases it´s possible to pay by paypal or banktransfer.
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